12+ Questions with Yiota & Paul Anagnou, Les Anagnou

April 9, 2021
We are film wedding photographers in Greece and we love what we do – to say the least. We are sourcing our inspiration from the beautiful light and we’re determined to give our couples unforgettable and timeless photography heirlooms they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.


Let’s dive into their interview and get to know them better…


  1. When and how did you enter the world of wedding photography? What do you enjoy the most about shooting weddings?

Y&P: Our story is very long! We are in the photography business for more than 20 years and we have seen the wedding photography transformation, from simply covering a wedding day to the form of art it is today. It’s been a glorious journey filled with experiences, ups, downs, and so much learning! Photography is truly a craft and we’re very proud of where it has brought us so far. We always tremendously enjoyed the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time, we study his face and the reaction is the same every single time – pure amazement and love. It’s very inspiring!


  1. Would you like to share a defining moment in your life, that led you where you are today?

Y&P: As we said, over the span of so many years in this industry there are plenty of ups and downs. probably when we had to change our business model back in 2014 and the big aha moment was when we made a very simple thought, that we are based in destination that people fly in from all over the world to get married, so let’s target that market. The rest is history we guess 🙂


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?

Y&P: We are deep into marketing when it comes to books and podcast. We loved “”The tipping point”, “Selling Luxury” and it certainly goes on, right now I’m reading again the book “Building a story brand”. Favorite podcasts “The power in purpose” and “Play it brave”. Regarding Netflix series, “Mindhunter”, “Unorthodox”, “Chef’s table”, “Ozark”


  1. You recently launched one-on-one workshops. What are the key benefits of a private workshop and why should someone invest in it? 

Y&P: We are true believers of giving back to the community, we find that workshops are an amazing opportunity to fully immerse yourself in photography and learn a more hands-on way of photography. But, we find that when there are a lot of photographers it can be unnecessarily crowded or completive. One-to-one workshops are our way of showing secrets of our trade to people that are willing to trust us and invest in an opportunity to get together and work focused on them while giving them immensely valuable information we’ve gathered throughout the years in the business. It’s a fact that when you focus on one person the information is flowing more efficiently and effortlessly and he/she has our full attention. It gives us and our client a clearer vision and a more focused approach to a workshop. Also, the experience is tailored to each one’s level of expertise making this fascinating for both sides!


  1. How do you help your couples relax and feel comfortable in their skin in front of your lens?

Y&P: We focus on our wedding timeline (something Yiota is a kinda of a genious:)), while we get to meet with our couple and get to know them. We’re always advising them to focus on each other and their special moment, while we advise them on what to do to perfect their posing and style, while always making sure we photograph them in their most flattering angles. Trust is how we make couples feel at ease on their wedding day. We trust in the communication we’ve established with them and they trust our expertise in the field. And it works, every single time.


  1. What gets your creative juices flowing? What inspires you?

Y&P: A good meal with our friends and a walk in the countryside. Oh, and Paul feels extremely motivated and creative after a workout, so that’s always on the list. We individually focus on what inspires us and then come together to discuss new ideas and projects!Of course, most inspiration comes from outside the wedding photography industry, checking work of masters of photography, fashion and art at a museum.


  1. What is the most important lesson you personally learned through the pandemic? Which lesson that we – as a society- have been taught through the Covid crisis, do you wish we would carry along when we get back to normality?


Y&P: Especially during the pandemic, everything boiled down to resilience. We had to adapt, think, feel vulnerable, refocus, rethink and redefine the important things. One thing we learned is that life is very unpredictable and we should focus on doing what’s best for us each and every day, without losing track of who we are.


  1. The wedding industry gravely suffered due to the pandemic. Do you think that new wedding trends will emerge through that predicament?

Y&P: Definitely! We write excessively about it, and we really think that couples are getting more fearless and determined. Also, smaller weddings and elopements are on the rise and people are getting more eager to do what feels right to them. Everyone wants to start celebrating again so we believe that the next five years will be full of epic wedding parties! Moreover, the wedding trends are getting a little more editorial and modern, something that we’re always here for!


  1. Would you like to share a sneak peek into your future plans?

Y&P: We have a lot of things in store for the new year, starting with changes and fine-tuning through every aspect of our business. We would want to focus on educational work more and some other things you’ll see very soon!


  1. You teach workshops to young, aspiring wedding photographers. Do you enjoy teaching and which is the most rewarding part of the process?

Y&P: We love teaching. If only there had been a team of photographers to show us everything we’re showing to our photography students when we started. The rewarding part is that through teaching you’re only getting better yourself. We get to share ideas, tips, secrets, study the light, explain the physics of photography. It’s exciting and very inspiring and our students love it. Sharing is what is keeping us thriving.


  1. Paul, you recently started a new venture and exciting journey in business coaching. Being a mentor must be challenging as well as exhilarating and very fulfilling. How is the experience so far?

Y&P: Keep thinking when I talk about this that 23 years ago when I started my business if I hade someone to guide me through the path, I’d be in an immense better place now in my business (not to mention how much less pain, sweat, blood and tears it would have been. Being a business coach is very different from being a photographer, in the sense that you have to think strictly about business without losing your creativity. I feel very responsible for the future of my coaching clients and seeing them leaving the sessions inspired is something priceless that keeps me going! It has its sets of limitations and challenges but I’m loving every second and I can’t wait for what the future holds!


  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021? 

Y&P: Be very very very patient and hire all your important vendors as soon as possible, because a lot of people are getting married and dates get booked very fast, specially for the second part of the season (late summer and fall).


  1. Is there anything you wish to add?

Y&P: We just can’t wait for the moment to be able to hug our couples again on a wedding day, to be able to travel to all the amazing locations in the world that goes with this job and to meet all our friends in the wedding industry again. It’s not that far away now..


This or That

Cook at home or take out?

Y&P: Cook at home

Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace or cold mojito under the sun?

 Y&P: Cold mojito under the sun

Swim in a pool or in the sea?

 Y&P: Swim in the sea

Jazz or Rock music? 

Y&P: Jazz music

Cards or board games?

Y&P: Card games

Your three desert island items?

Y&P: Sun cream, sleeping bag and music player



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