12+ Questions with Victoria Kyriakides

March 19, 2021

Victoria Kyriakides is an international designer and couturier, known for her bridal, evening wear and shoe collections. Her creations have been featured on the pages of American Vogue, Elle USA, Harper’s Bazaar, German Elle, Asia Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Elle Brazil, Brides USA and many more. In 2015 she was recognized by Vogue USA as one of the most “unconventional international bridal designers”. Her collections are selected every season by some of the biggest publishing houses and platforms at their trends roundups .

Every dress is created by hand in the master Atelier to the precise measurements of each individual bride.  Every thoughtful detail is meticulously regarded. 

Victoria is able to reveal the beauty of the female body through her distinguished body-conscious feminine cuts, minimalism, the use of the highest quality materials available and timeless ideas.  Exceptional service and individual attention to each client by the designer are part of the brand’s essence and of utmost importance. 

Let’s dive into her interview.

  1.  Did you always know that you wanted to be a designer? When did you first realise that this was the path you wanted to pursue and what did you feel when the first Victoria Kyriakides piece came to life?

Victoria: I was artistic from a very young age. I was really interested in Music & Fashion. I realized what I wanted to do, when I was 16 and created my first outfit to wear on high school’s prom night. Some years later I designed my first club-wear collection which was an instant sell out.
I was really excited going out seeing my designs been worn by fashion-forward girlsI meet people that still wear these pieces and yet receive compliments. 
Designing Pret a Porter deluxewas my first love. Haute Couture came to release my potential and opened my mind in a different way. It was only natural for me to make the transition to bridal. I feel so grateful that girls from all around the world appreciate my work and pick my designs that signify their very special moments.❤️


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?

Victoria: Favorite podcasts by Clubhouse.
All time favorite writer Philip Dick, in love with all titles by Jorge Bucay “Let me tell you a story” one of my faves.
All titles by Tom Robins and “how I became stupid” by Martin Page. Can’t pick only one book…I have so many more to mention that have influenced me.
I am a movie person, so where do I start? Hahaha😎Blade Runner1-2,
Cloud Atlas, 5th Element, Tarantino’s Inglorious bastards, The shape of water…can’t stop…many many more!

Amazon series “The man in the high castle” 
Netflix series “Outlander” ” Better call Saul” ” Queens gambit”


  1. In which environment do you feel the most inspired and productive? What gets your creative juices flowing?

Victoria: In a calm and warm environment, minimal decorated, listening to my favorite music, no distractions, chilling with my “partner in crime”, he’s my endless source of inspiration!❤️


  1. The wedding industry gravely suffered due to the pandemic. Do you think that new trends will emerge through that predicament?

Victoria: The challenges of creating a new collection in the midst of the age of the new normal, are many. It’s difficult for an artist to find a space in today’s environment, while being sensitive with so much going on in the world.
Doing fashion, I couldn’t think of a different way-out of this unpleasant situation, than keeping on with what I do and love! I present my bridal collections & trends at the NY Fashion Week and I design three more collections, yearly, “The Party Shoe collection”, “The headpieces collection” and the etherial “Party Dress collection”.
For me fashion is the salt and pepper of each day’s meal. The way we dress makes our mood, influences the way we feel and move. The outfits we pick can enrich our confidence and make us feel either alluring, preppy, or laid-back.
Fashion has to keep moving forward. We need to keep creating new ideas.


  1. What have you missed the most about our pre-Covid life and what will you miss about the lockdown routine when we get back to normality?

Victoria: What I miss the most, is traveling.
I also miss the feeling of being free to do anything, anyplace, anytime. Living in both NYC & Athens traveling back and forth, used to be a routine. Now we can only work and travel virtually. Zoom is our ride!
What I think I’ll miss the most after the lockdown, is being able to watch a movie in the morning, do not care about time, having no guilts about being lazy, enjoy mornings in different ways compare to the pre-COVID life.

  1. What is your favourite way to relax and escape from reality?

Victoria: Listening to the music is my gateway. Doing sports and playing games with my family, watching films, reading and traveling.


  1. Would you like to share with us something that you have discovered recently and think that the whole world should know about it? (e.g. recipe, movie, coffee place, etc.)

Victoria: The past two summers, I really enjoyed reading American novelist Tom Robbins, a post-modern literary revolutionist. He has developed a style of blunt mystery and twisted poetry to simultaneously exploit and explore humanity and its flaws.
I enjoy his incredibly funny, surprising and inspiring language, especially his metaphors, which go beyond communication to illumination, to a vision of truth that transcends realism. I definitely recommend some of his books.


  1. Would you like to share a sneak peak into your future plans?

Victoria: I will be showing my new bridal collection at the next NY Fashion Week this fall. Can’t wait!
Really excited to have recently launched two brand new collections, the headpieces and the shoes, both made of silk and crystals, handcrafted in Milan, Italy. These two collections are also available at the Victoria Kyriakides shop-on-line Boutique.
A really inspiring project, is the new collaboration with my dear friend, photographer Marina Vernicos, The launch of a capsule-resort collection with etherial colorful dresses that we’ll love to wear on an island escape, a party, a wedding, a boat trip, or a destination event. Marina’s images are captured on silk like the colorful painters’ canvas and give life to a minimalistic line of geometrical dresses, I was thrilled to design.
The collection is also available at the Victoria Kyriakides e-boutique and at the flagship atelier in Athens, for custom orders.



  1. Your designs are stunning and is evident that you pay great attention to detail. When you are designing a new collection, what do you enjoy most about the creative journey and where do you usually draw inspiration from?

Victoria: My inspiration is driven by the desire to share my vision for new ideas and the love for quality. I want to design fashion that celebrates feminine beauty.
The process of designing a new collection, always intrigues me. The genesis of the idea and the plan to move from vision, to reality.
start from scratch, to finally complete the whole collection, several months later, being focused on every little detail during so many procedures, that need to be taken care of with persistence.
Each journey, starts from the concept, to the sketches, the moulage pattern, the hand stitching and sewing, the embroidering and steaming. Depending on the particular design, every gown is a collect
ive effort of many artisans.
We all end up exhausted, in a kind of a sweet way, though! I feel so happy and grateful for my team!
We are pleased to create exquisite dresses, made of luxurious materials meticulously handcrafted. Each gown is tailor-made, making each brides’s dream into an exciting reality, down to the smallest detail.


  1. When it comes to bridal attire (gowns and accessories) what are the best trends of 2021- 2022 in your opinion?

Victoria: The bridal trends I presented at the NY Fashion Week includes a lot of silk, chiffon, organza, satin and tulle. I love mixing textures with pearls, beads, crystals, floral embroidery and unique French lace. This is my reinterpretation of classics in modern bridal design. Soft and feminine gowns hugging the body with structure, using the finest fabrics.


  1. The process of finding a wedding dress and figuring out the most flattering style/ design feels intimidating and overwhelming for most brides-to -be. Speaking from experience, what is the best way to approach this and how should they structure their research?

Victoria: I pay attention to my bride’s personality. I concentrate to adorn and compliment her figure with a high sensitivity to beauty. My brides appreciate personalization and customization, feeling relaxed knowing that they are in good hands.
I like my bride to look heavenly on this most important day of her life.
My advice to all “Brides to Be” as for the research of their Dress, is to keep it simple. A big research would only confuse them! Avoid the big brand/corporate names. Customization m
akes the whole difference.










  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021? 

Victoria: Love will conquer All! Love is what’s good in this world and your wedding is a cause for celebration! No matter if your event will be smaller or bigger, do arrangements in advance. Even if you don’t have a specific date or location yet, proceed with the order of your dress that needs more time than the rest of your wedding’s arrangements.
Pick your wedding planer and leave the rest to the experts.



This or That

Hot or cold coffee?

Victoria: Hot!🔥

Night owl or early riser?

 Victoria: I am not an early bird. Creative ideas come when I am relaxed, usually at night.

Heels or flats?

 Victoria: Sexy & girly! Love them both❤️

Yoga or Pilates?

Victoria: Pilates!!

Wine or cocktail?

Victoria: Cheers!It’s Margarita time!

Your three desert island items?

Victoria: Music, books & my drawing kit.




Connect with Victoria Kyriakes

Website: www.VictoriaKyriaKides.com

Instagram: @victoriakyriakides