At the Ivory Project we believe in delving deep into your story and personality to reveal your distinctive style through an experience that feels genuine, exhilarating and fun. Our focus is on crafting events that are full of love, laughter and all those moments of magic that become lifelong memories.  We work tirelessly and discreetly behind the scenes, allowing you to treasure every moment of your stellar celebration.

Our Values & Work Ethos


& Commitment


We are committed to thoughtfully curating all details; always reaching for authenticity, all design elements are hand-selected and meaningfully combined to capture your story and project your personality. For us, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and every project  should be as unique as our client.


& Discretion


We cultivate close relationships with you, that are founded on trust and discretion, mutual respect, thoughtfulness as well as open  communication.  We invest time to truly  listen to you and personally connect with you in order to understand your vision, preferences and aspirations.

Our top-notch Partners


Working with the industry’s most talented, innovative, and passionate vendors, we introduce you to those who will be the best fit for your style, vision and budget, bringing each element  to life in a professional  and authentic way.

An all-rounded Experience


We use colors, textures, music, taste and flavors to stimulate all senses and elevate the visual design to an immersive, all- rounded experience. Our combined knowledge of hospitality and design allows us to produce an affair that hits all the senses.

Honouring your Culture


Our creativity knows no bounds and we are always eager to learn about your traditions and cultural heritage. Blending your background and pieces of identity with local traditions, flavors and customs is a creative challenge and one that always stimulates our imagination.




Stavriella & Alexandros

Vouliagmeni Lake, Athenian Riviera

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect thanks to the Ivory Project team. They really took time to understand us individually and as a couple and with care, great attention to detail and their endless creative ideas, they designed for us a beautiful experience, always making us feel like their top priority. Artemis and Nicole went above and beyond to ensure our wedding day was as smooth and stress-free as possible, thank you for a magical day!

It’s not easy to plan a wedding for 200 guests in Athens, all the way from Istanbul! But with the invaluable support of the Ivory Project, namely Nicole and Artemis, we were able to throw the wedding of our dreams with my husband.

In the midst of a stressful wedding planning, I met Nicole, who with her empathic listening, quick planning and strategizing skills, has won my heart. With their keen eye for design and taste for elegant fun, Nicole and Artemis made the decision-making process faster,  without overwhelming us with options.

With our budget within their scope, we had the night of our lives! Our guests were superbly happy, and have told us that from flowers to music and lighting, everything was amazing. Nicole and Artemis were with us throughout, and we felt we were supported to the fullest!

We would like to thank Nicole and Artemis once again, and for anyone who are planning the wedding of their dreams, we wholeheartedly recommend them!



Private Property, Athens

I decided last minute to do something for my 30th birthday. Despite the adverse circumstances, such as the short notice (5 days before) and a 5.3 earthquake (on the day of the party) the Ivory Project team made what seemed to be impossible POSSIBLE! I had the best party I could have ever asked for; the decorations, lights, music, food & drinks... EVERYTHING was just perfect! They managed to transform my terrace to the most spectacular Mexican bar! If this earthquake did not stop them, nothing ever will!


Christina & Alexandra

Private Property, Kolonaki

Artemis and Nicole planned our 30th birthday party. They were amazing to work with, very professional, punctual and thorough every step of the way. They envisioned exactly what we wanted and took it to the next level. We were so happy with the final result, our party was a huge success and we wouldn’t have changed a thing!