12+ Questions with Dimitris Moutsoulas

April 30, 2021

Music is my passion ever since I remember myself as a kid, and it became my job as a DJ on 2000.

2000-2008: resident DJs at ENVY CLUB, one of the most iconic clubs of the 00s in Athens.

2006-2016: ALPHA TV. Music director of the daily tv show “Kafes me tin Eleni”

2010-today: Resident DJ at Bronco bar 2020-today: Resident DJ at the Beef Bar of Athens (Four Seasons Astir Palace), which is part of a global brand name “born” in Monte-Carlo.

2000-today: The number of special events, parties, and weddings that I’ve played to all these years is really big! I’ve travelled almost everywhere around Greece to be the DJ of a destination wedding, even at the very famous Ciragan Palace in Instabul.

A couple of highlights that come to my mind right now: – Back in 2001. Opening DJ set for the superstar DJ & producer Martin Solveig. The following years, I also played the opening sets for other famous DJs, such as: Sandy Rivera, Francois K, Antoine Clamaran, Robbie Rivera, etc. – 2018: Being the DJ on a wedding, I played back to back with the famous DJ & producer Pablo Fierro, who was among the guests. Great moment to remember. Except music, I’m a cars enthusiast, and I love travelling around the world, and doing sports (tennis, cycling, basketball, wakeboarding). But my favourite sport by far is snowboarding!


Let’s dive straight into our questions!


  1. Could you share a defining moment in your life, that led you where you are today?

Dimitris: Back in the summer of 1999, I was at Privilege Club as a customer, when the DJ (DJ Valentino) invited me in the DJ-booth to enjoy the view of the crowd dancing. That was it! It was the moment I felt the magical feeling that every DJ feels when he brings the vibes on the dancefloor! A person that can create so many different emotions to others through his music. That was the moment that I realised I wanted to be that kind of person.


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?


      • Book: Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)
      • Movie: The Shawshank Redemption (all time), Green Book (recent)
      • Netflix: Breaking Bad


  1. What do you love most about your job?

Dimitris: It’s 6-7 or even 8 o’clock in the morning, the sun is up, another great party has just ended, everybody is exhausted, and there is that feeling of satisfaction and happiness.


  1. Would you describe yourself as an optimist? How do you stay motivated, driven and positive about the future?

Dimitris: I definitely describe myself as an optimist. When something bad happens, I always try to find something good as a result of the unlucky event


  1.  What have you missed the most about our pre-Covid life and what will you miss about the lockdown routine when we get back to normality?

Dimitris: I’ve missed my job, hanging out with friends, and of course travelling. After all this will over, I will miss the free time I have and all those hours of sleeping! 


  1. Is there a hobby/interest that you mastered over the past year?

Dimitris: I completed a puzzle of 32.000 pieces LOL (5 meters length * 2 meters height)


  1. What is your favorite location for a destination wedding?

Dimitris: Spetses Island.


  1. What are the three best songs to fill a dance floor?

Dimitris: Daft Punk – One more time , Faithless – Insomnia , Michael Jackson – Billie Jean


  1. What advice would you give to a nervous/shy couple about their first dance?

Dimitris: You just got married and it’s your moment! It’s the happiest day of your life! So, relax and enjoy every second of it! Pick a song that you both like, or reminds you a special moment of you together! Then, the only thing you have to do is just go with the flow


  1. What is your favorite way to escape from reality and recharge your batteries?

Dimitris: Listening to my favorite music. Otherwise, if it’s winter time, one day snowboarding on the slopes would be perfect!


  1. Mantra or words of wisdom that you live by?

Dimitris: Smile! Life is too short to be unhappy.


  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021?

Dimitris: I was the DJ of some weddings in 2020, and despite of the situation and the restrictions, all weddings were wonderful and everybody had a great time! So, if you are planning your wedding in 2021, just go for it! Your beloved ones will be there, so the only thing you have to do is to bring your good mood! The rest is my job! 🙂



  • Is there anything you wish to add?

Dimitris: One great moment I remember among many others, took place two years ago when I was the DJ of a 2-day wedding party! Pre-wedding beach party on the first day, and on the following day was the wedding! The whole weekend was a blast, both parties had a great success! I played music for more than 20 hours in total! But one thing that I will never forget was the day after the pre-wedding beach party. It was a destination wedding in a small village of Crete, and when I woke up the next day I went out for a walk across the main road of the village. While I was walking everybody was saying “hi” to me followed with comments such as : “great DJ-set yesterday”, “well done!”, “It was the best party ever”, and many others! Such moments make me love what I do!




This or That

Night in or night out?

Dimitris: Night out

Phone call or text?

Dimitris: Phone call

Nachos or pop corn?

Dimitris: Pop corn

Chocolate or vanilla?

Dimitris: Chocolate

Watch sports or play sports?

Dimitris: Play sports

Your three desert island items?

Dimitris: Tequila, Qointreau, and lime for margaritas!! 🙂




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