12+ Questions with Iraklis Rigas

March 26, 2021

Hey, I’m Iraklis and with my other half Marina, we are a couple in love for the last 20 years and obviously love means everything to us…! We love natural weddings and couples who marry the way they wish to and not how they think they have to. We love to capture real moments, real emotions and we see weddings as a celebration of love and we’re doing our best to tell stories the way they are. To show real feelings, the passion and the love between the couple and their family and friends.


Let’s dive into the interview..


  1. Could you share a defining moment in your life, that led you where you are today?

Iraklis: I’m a filmmaker for the last 11 years. However, the most defining moment of my life was in August of 2015 when I captured my first destination wedding in Symi island. Marina was the person who insisted on doing that and she had the brilliant idea to come and assist me. It was the first wedding me and Marina captured together. We took 2 flights and 1 ferry and before the wedding started, we had realised that this was what we want to do for the rest of our life. To travel and work together, having the chance to meet people from different countries and cultures and live together the adventure of every moment!


  1. How would you describe your filmmaking style and aesthetic?

Iraklis: My films are all about capturing the connection between two people in love. I’m inspired by moments of delight and connection happening all around me. Atmospheric, narrative, nostalgic, lively and honest inspired by human emotions. For me this is not just a client / vendor thing. I need and seek to really connect and team up with my clients and I strongly believe that the establishment of that relationship leads to the best results possible.


  1. In which environment do you feel the most creative, and what stimulates your imagination?

Iraklis: Music has a special place in my heart and life too, and this is one of the most important reasons I’m in love with filmmaking.When both of my passions are blended, I can totally feel free and completely creative at the same time. As you can easily infer, my favourite part of a wedding day is always the party..


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?


      • Podcast: The Goop Book: The Little Mariner – Odysseas Elytis
      • Movie: I could write a huge list of movies I love but as one of my favourite I would say that it’s the Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson
      • Netflix: Stranger Things of course 🙂


  1. What have you missed the most about our pre-Covid life and what will you miss about the lockdown routine when we get back to normality?

Iraklis: I miss all the cliché things but that I miss most about pre-pandemic life is traveling and feeling the full meaning of freedom. However, I could say that at the same time I have also enjoyed – and still enjoying – all these moments of silence and serenity in the big city. We had the time to relax, to find ourselves, to be happy with less, such as a small walk in the historical centre of Athens nearby our house, walking with our dog, holding a coffee and feeling thankful.












  1. Is there a hobby/interest that you mastered over the past year?

Iraklis: One of the perks of having more time at home is mastering my cooking skills in the context of a healthy lifestyle. I have always enjoyed cooking and the process of searching new recipes and learning about healthy tips but during the past year I had finally the time to do that on a daily basis and thus step up my game.


  1. Would you like to share with us something that you have discovered recently and think that the whole world should know about it? (e.g. recipe, movie, coffee place, etc.)

Iraklis: In just two words: VEGETARIANISM & GLUTEN-FREE After watching the first of many documentaries on the benefits of plant-based diets, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t be eating meat. Me and Marina both deeply love and respect all animals, and it felt like we’d been betraying them and ourselves. One more thing I would like to stress and share with everyone is the huge difference that we noticed and experienced in our health when we removed gluten from our diet. Being vegetarian for 2 years now and sticking to a gluten-free diet for the last 4 years are the most important things I did for myself!! Of course that means that we have to cook and prepare our own meals, but this is another thing that we love and enjoy doing 🙂


  1. What do you do when you hit a creative block?

Iraklis: I believe that inspiration can be found literally anywhere, not just in the visual arts. When in doubt, I swift my focus and I immerse myself in an experience or activity outside of my work: for instance, listening to music, searching for new artists or going for a walk during my favourite hour of the day, namely the golden hour of sunset, always work for me, giving me an opportunity to clear my head, recharge and awaken my senses.


  1. How do you decompress and escape from reality?

Iraklis: As Aquarius I dream BIG and I’m always trying to turn those dreams into reality. 🙂 In this context, I live my everyday life exactly the way I want… therefore I never get the feeling that I need to escape from it.


  1. How’s working with your other half as a team?

Iraklis: Being married is pretty cool..!! We’re couple since 2001 ( a beautiful, pure and honest teenage love ) and got married on our 10th anniversary. We grew up together and we are so similar and different at the same time – that’s something strange we both love about our relationship. Marina is my other half in life and work too…she is my balance. I am the most creative – she has an amazing aesthetic. I have a good knowledge of technical things – she can make important decisions amazingly fast and efficiently. I am a dreamer – she is realistic. We’re just better together!!


  1. Have you always known that you wanted to get into filmmaking?

Iraklis: Since a young boy, films and cinema movies triggered my imagination and transported me to endless different worlds, places and sceneries. I still can recall with great clarity all those nights we spent with my mom, watching movies together…my mind travelled endlessly through time and unexplored worlds of my imagination, dreaming up all kinds of incredible scenarios. Even though it was not clear to me at the time what I wanted to become and which professional path to pursue, I knew that the strong emotions, goosebumps, and absolute thrill that I felt when watching movies and especially when listening to their music and soundtracks, constituted the first signs and meant something about who I was destined to become. Filmmaking was my path and fate, and it has always been my passion.


  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021?

Iraklis: Based on our experience from the wedding season of 2020 and the latest official announcement regarding the summer season of 2021, I am optimistic and strongly believe that there is no reason for concern, especially for couples who have chosen to get married from July to October. For all those couples who are planning an elopement or an intimate wedding with up to 30-50 guests, I would just say “Don’t hold back. Go for it. You only get this moment once.” To all the couples who are dreaming of having a much bigger wedding and might be anxious about what they should they do and how should they proceed, I would suggest that having a plan B in place for the worst-case scenario will help alleviate their stress. In other words, I would highly recommend this: “Fall in love with your backup plan.”


  1. Is there anything you wish to add?

Iraklis: Just enjoy life!!


This or That

Summer or winter?

Iraklis: Summer

Romantic comedy or action movie?

 Iraklis: Action movie

iOS or Android?

 Iraklis: iOS

Hot chocolate in front of the fireplace or cold mojito under the sun?

Iraklis: Cold mojito under the sun

A week without cellphone or a week without coffee?

Iraklis: A week without cellphone

Your three desert island items?

Iraklis: My other half Marina, my baby dog and sun care.



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