12+ Questions with Ak3fotografia

April 23, 2021

We are ak3fotografia, a team of devoted professional photographers and filmmakers based in Greece. We share the same passion to capture the authentic story of each special day and provide unique moments that tell stories far beyond what you imagine. We capture everything precisely as it is. Family, friends, tears, laughter, celebration and love. We want each story to unfold as naturally as possible, so we observe things as they happen. Our philosophy is to support our couples to act as they feel. In this way, years later, each frame will be cherished for its power to take them back and make them relive the most valuable moments of their life.


Let’s dive straight into our questions!


  1. Could you share a defining moment in your life, that led you where you are today?

Ak3: Βeing friends for many years and motivated by a common trip abroad, we made the decision to work together, since we all share the same passion for photography. Looking back, this journey contributed to the establishment of our team and this decision led us to what professionally defines us today.


  1. How would you describe your photography & videography style and aesthetic?

Ak3: We are driven by a desire to document experiences and capture genuine moments. Our look is clean, airy and timeless. Each wedding has its own story and we focus on strong emotions, honest moments and beautiful light. We discreetly capture the feeling of each particular wedding day in a sincere way, hoping that the photographs will mean so much for many years to come. Our signature aesthetic in films is vibrant and emotionally engaged. Our shooting and editing style is fresh, story and music driven. We capture the raw beauty in a storytelling way as the memory would. Our goal is to create films that will be valuable and still hold their power over the time.


  1. What gets your creative juices flowing? What inspires you?

Ak3: A continuous source of inspiration for us comes from a short walk in the streets of our city to an exotic trip. This leads us to discover new cultures and capture images reflecting our point of view.

  1. Mantra or words of wisdom that you live by?

Ak3: “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like” by David Alan Harvey.


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?



      • Podcast: The science of happiness, GGSC & PRX
      • Book: 4321, Paul Auster
      • Movie: Amour, Michael Haneke
      • Netflix: When they see us, Ava DuVernay


  1. What are your favorite moments to capture?

Ak3: Our favourite moments are strongly characterised by emotions. We love capturing smiling faces, tears of happiness and sincere moments.

  1. Ak3fotografia is a team of 4. How and when did you all come together and set up your business?

Ak3: Our business was set up after a long-year friendship. Driven by our love for photography, as parallel activity, we made the decision to work as a team in 2014.


  1. Would you like to share a sneak peek into your future plans?

Ak3: Having recently moved to our new office, and with the upcoming season looking promising, we are planing to expand our team. We are planning to organise photo shooting and filming courses as well shortly, in order to share our knowledge and experience with those who want to join our community.


  1. What is the most important lesson you personally learned through the pandemic? Which lesson that we – as a society- have been taught through the Covid crisis, do you wish we would carry along when we get back to normality?

Ak3: You need darkness in order for there to be light. These unprecedented conditions have taught us that life is precious and we should be grateful for what we have. Getting back to normality, we should not forget that we can always find happiness in simple things.


  1. In your opinion, is establishing a good vibe and relationship with your clients important? Is it a part of your process?

Ak3: The ideal communication with our clients, especially during their event, is the key for a successful outcome. Therefore, by establishing a good vibe and trust we manage to have the final product delivered with both parties delighted.


  1. Which of the destinations that you have traveled and work at, do you find more interesting?

Ak3: Santorini is definitely one of the most visited destinations due to its unique breathtaking views. At the same time, we love capturing the simple Cycladic lines of Mykonos and the picturesque scenery of Hydra island.


  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021?

Ak3: Plan and enjoy your wedding with the people you love most! Prefer a micro wedding that will offer you a more intimate experience with less guests and eventually you will enjoy every moment.


This or That

Puzzles or board games?

Ak3: Board games

Singing or dancing

Ak3: Dancing

Yoga or Pilates?

Ak3: Yoga

Cook at home or take out?

Ak3: Cook at home

Explore the islands or the mainland?

Ak3: Explore the islands

Your three desert island items?

Ak3: My camera, my sunglasses and my cell phone.




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