12+ Questions with Marietta Drosopoulou, Bride’s by Politia Tennis Club

April 16, 2021

I am a mother of two amazing little girls, Politia Tennis Club is my home and Bride’s by PTC is my new project, my bridal paradise!

Let’s dive straight into our questions!


  1. Could you share a defining moment in your life, that led you where you are today?

Marietta: A defining moment in my life was when I started renting the boutique in Kifissia that I would transform into Bride’s by PTC. Until then I used to work at our Club, organising and planning all our events for the last 15 years. It was very different for me to have another base, work in another place. And it was a big risk for me to start something new. I am so happy i took that risk!


  1. Favourite podcast, book, movie and Netflix series?


      • Podcast: Not a fan of podcast yet.
      • Movie: There are honestly so many, cannot pick just one! I love comedies, romantic movies and action movies.
      • Book: When Nietzsche wept.
      • Netflix: I loved Ozark!



  1. What is the favourite part of your job?

Marietta: Favourite part of my job at the Club and at Bride’s is meeting with happy brides to be and helping them make everything perfect for their important day! I love the positive vibes and all the creative procedure!


  1. The wedding industry gravely suffered due to the pandemic. Do you think that new trends will emerge through that predicament?

Marietta: New trends such as micro weddings will be popular for this year, but I am sure that Greek couples will return to big weddings with many guests in a year or two. It is part of our culture.


  1. What have you missed the most about our pre-Covid life and what will you miss about the lockdown routine when we get back to normality?

Marietta: I have missed being at work with no mask, being able to offer the correct hospitality for our guests and I have missed travelling. From the lockdown routine I guess I will miss spending much time with my daughters and my parents. But I will always make time for them, even afterwards.

  1. What is your favourite way to relax/ unwind?

Marietta: Favourite way to relax is hugging my daughters, going for a walk with them at the park and i also relax by playing tennis.


  1. Would you like to share with us something that you have discovered recently and think that the whole world should know about it? (e.g. recipe, movie, coffee place, etc.)

Marietta: I have discovered BRIDE’S and the whole world should know about it 🙂 !! We import wedding dresses from 10 top international designers and all styles are elegant and sophisticated. The 10 International Designers you will find exclusively at Bride’s by Politia Tennis Club: Reem Acra NYC , Monique Lhuiller, Marchesa Notte, Peter Langner Milan, Ines di Santo, Gemy Maalouf, Aire Barcelona, Tot-Hom, Victoria Kyriakides, Inmaculada Garcia.







  1. Would you like to share a sneak peak into your future plans?

Marietta: My future plans have a lot of travelling for my bridal boutique, Bride’s. I love visiting New York, Paris and Barcelona and placing orders from exceptional international designers for Greek brides. I can’t wait to add more of the best bridal choices for our brides, the best quality fabrics and the most elegant designs.



  1. What tips/advice you usually give to a nervous bride to be?

Marietta: Best advice for a bride to be is to enjoy the planning days and her wedding day! Do not stress about small details. Celebrate love, feel happy!


  1. When it comes to bridal attire (gowns and accessories) what are the best trends of 2021-2022 in your opinion?


Trends on bridal are:
                • Classic gowns, they never go out of style
                • Gowns with overskirts
                • Flower veils
                • Headbands






  1. The process of finding a wedding dress and figuring out the most flattering style/ design feels intimidating and overwhelming for most brides-to -be. Speaking from experience, what is the best way to approach this and how should they structure their research?

Marietta: When a bride to be finds her wedding dress she knows it! She knows it from the first moment. We can tell by the look in her eyes! I believe there is one dress for every bride.

  1. What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding in 2021?

Marietta: My advice would be, go for it! Do the wedding even with just a few guests! Sometimes an intimate celebration is much beter. You will always have time in the future to plan a bigger party with more guests..















This or That

Hot or cold coffee?

Marietta: Cold coffee

Dress or trousers?

Marietta: 100% Dress

Workout alone or with a partner?

Marietta: Workout with a partner

Yoga or Pilates?

Marietta: Pilates

Spa or gym?

Marietta: Spa

Your three desert island items?

Marietta: My girls, sunscreen, sweets



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