July 13, 2020


Cosmobella Collection by Demetrios 2021

The question has been popped! Congratulations on your engagement! One of the most exciting periods in your lives has begun and you are about to start planning your dream wedding. As unique and exhilarating this process is, at the same time it can feel overwhelming and daunting.  From our professional experiences, we have gathered ten pieces of advice that you should take into consideration before you embark on this amazing journey that should above all be fun, enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible!

    1. First of all, ENJOY THE MOMENT of your engagement, take a deep breath and take your time to set your priorities: Our advice here would be not to rush things and do everything at your own pace. Set a date that is realistically feasible based on your lifestyle, work obligations and schedule. It is meant to be a once in a lifetime experience that you should cherish and live to its fullest, free of stress.

    2. This is about YOU: the first priority that you should adhere to throughout is that the whole process and experience is about you, as a couple. Being relaxed and happy at all times and ensuring that everything is reflective of your personalities and love story, is key. 

    3. Designate a budget that you are comfortable with and set clear and realistic expectations. Having those sorted out as early in the process as possible, will minimise the chances of your expectations being broken later.

    4. Make sure you know who the ‘important voices’ are throughout the planning journey —maybe that’s your planner or your creative best friend. Whoever it is, make your list and stick to it; of course put yourselves at the top and trust your instinct; Seeking out too many friends’ opinions will quickly make you feel overwhelmed and confused. 

    5. Do not get lost: With endless information out there is very easy to miss your voice and deviate from your own vision. To avoid that, try to create some sort of filtering, limiting the sources of inspiration and content to those that really speak to your heart and aesthetics.

    6. You are not alone: engage professionals that you TRUST and truly trust them so that you feel confident that your vision will come to life in the best possible way.

    7. In addition to the above, work with a team and engage the services of vendors that resonate with you and are aligned with your vision, taste and aesthetic as well as your budget. If you want to minimise stress on your wedding day, be sure to communicate your thoughts and concerns effectively. 

    8. Planning starts with defining your vision and that is the foundation upon which all building blocks will come together. It also involves a lot of decision- making. Three main things will help you ascertain your personal vision as well as filter through all your decisions with more ease. First and foremost,  clarify and make a list of your values, aesthetics, preferences and priorities; this will be the roadmap for all your decisions. The other factors that will be decisive in your planning journey are your budget and of course your venue. Knowing your budget limitations as well as selecting the perfect setting for your big day will greatly influence and guide your choices and actions.

  2. 9. With so many options and information out there it is very easy to feel inundated; Do not panic as combining all the pieces of the puzzle together and knowing what will work best for you is not an easy task. Once again, take a big breath and gradually start building up a layered picture of your vision. Draw a list of your main likes and dislikes and of what is really important to you. Think about you as a couple: your lives, your travels, your interests, your friends, your favourite things and what vibe represents you. All of the above will influence and impact upon the choices you make for your big day.

10. If you lack inspiration, start following brands, suppliers, venues that you really love and that correspond to your taste. Research your saved images in your Instagram or Pinterest account and try to figure out a pattern and pinpoint elements that you consistently follow and like.  Keeping track of what you like could be really helpful. Generally, being open to inspiration from all kinds of sources will help you get truly creative with your wedding planning.

Cosmobella Collection by Demetrios 2021

BONUS TIP: Choosing your wedding dress!  Again with an abundance of options out there, finding ‘the one’ can prove to be a rather difficult task. We always advice our brides approach this process with open mind and patience. Do not be afraid to deviate from the dress that you initially thought would work best f
or you (yes the one that you have saved since high school!). Try on as many dresses as you can to figure out the shape, colour, fabric and style that flatters you the most. Moreover,  visit bridal boutiques with professionals that know how to guide you, take your measures and advice you on the sizing and correct fitting.  At the end of the day, the wedding gown that makes you feel most beautiful and that makes your heart skip a beat is the gown you should choose! One of the bridal boutiques that we always recommend to our beloved brides is DEMETRIOS. The boutique offers the widest and most versatile styles, that can accommodate all tastes, sizes and aesthetics. The impeccable customer service they offer – with professionals who really know their job and how to guide you through their unique pieces- guarantees that our clients will be able to find the wedding dress of their dreams.


If there is something to take on board from all the above, is to do what resonates with you, what comes natural to you and effortlessly and reasonably feels like the next chapter to your mutual journey. Follow your gut feeling, listen to your instincts and do not over-analyze things…It is about YOUR BIG DAY, and you should enjoy every moment of it! 


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Cosmobella Collection by Demetrios 2021



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