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April 28, 2020
Welcome to our journal! This is our platform and creative space, where we get to open up, share our thoughts, tips, experiences and the lovely stories that we come across as well as discuss,inspire and learn from each other.
For us, your stories are our biggest source of inspiration and really getting to know you and building a personal connection with you is our top priority. By diving into your world, we are able to infuse pieces of your personality and style into every design element of your event. 
In this context, we will kindly ask you to share with us your aspirations, preferences, Pinterest boards, Instagram saves, etc…We truly want to know what makes your heart skip a beat!
Inaugurating our blog, we thought it is the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves and share a few things about us!
N: I studied Communication and Media at University of Athens and Law at Queen Mary, London. Before getting into the events industry, I worked as a trainee lawyer in a law office specialising in Commercial and Maritime Law. 
A: I studied Architecture at Plymouth University, got a second degree with honors in Interior and Yacht design at IED Milano and got a distinction in MA in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management at Istituto Marangoni in London. Did an internship in fashion brand based in London for 4 months and worked as a creative director in a fashion brand in Athens for 5 years.
N: My internal creative compass never stopped guiding me towards the exciting world of Events and when the opportunity to enrol in an Event Management course presented itself, I took it and never looked back. After obtaining the Diploma from King’s College, London, a job offer came up and my long desired career shift had become a reality…the rest is history!
A: When I felt the need for a change in my career, the organisational skill set i had from my work experience in fashion in combination with my natural sense for creativity led me to the fascinating industry of events! In my previous job position, I got involved in the planning of the company’s events and my interest for the industry was further sparked!
N:  Meeting new clients and listening to their vision fascinates me and stimulates my creative mind. Each one of them has a unique story to tell and for us that means embarking on a completely distinctive journey with a view to create something that encapsulates that uniqueness. Everyday is different and we are always excited to see what the day will bring and where our imagination will lead us.  I love seeing the uniqueness of each of our clients come through in different ways and fresh, fun concepts!
A: For me, the most fulfilling part of our job is that we get to turn moments into lifelong memories for our clients and their beloved ones! Being part of their most significant moments and playing a key role in making them as special, beautiful and happy as possible is always so rewarding. Also after months of brainstorming and hard work, the joy of seeing all the pieces and different components coming together is unmatched!
N:  This might sound cliche but the moment that the father of the bride walks her down the aisle and gives her away, gets me every time! I also love the moment the new Mr. and Mrs. are formally introduced into the venue and all their guests stand up to warmly welcome them and dance with them…pure happiness!
A: That ‘magic moment’ for me happens when the groom sees the bride for the first time and their look on their faces when she walks down the aisle towards him…full of love and anticipation.   
N: Even though I do love Athens and think the Acropolis is the most stunning historical monument in the world, I always find myself attracted by London’s vibrancy, diversity and cultural dynamism. Offering endless options and opportunities, you never know where each day will take you next!
A: Having studied and worked in Milan for 4 years, I am in love with its stimulating rhythm, multicultural character and unique vibe that strikes the perfect balance between old-world romance and history with urban grit and cosmopolitanism. 
N: Majestic mountains, pristine beaches, picturesque villages, beautiful islands, peaceful lakes and lush forests – Greece literally has it all and it is impossible to pick one destination. If I had to I would say that Syros and Sifnos are the islands of the Cyclades that I am totally in love with. With their vibrant towns and quiet villages, their ridiculously delicious food and sandy beaches this is where I recharge and re-energize at the end of each season.
A: I am the kind of person who craves the connection with nature. Crete holds a special place in my heart not only because it is my place of origin, but because the diversity of its natural landscape offers endless hidden gems to explore and new places to discover. From the incredible mountains and deep breathtaking gorges to white sand beaches with crystalline waters and magnificent white rock caves, the island is full of surprises! 
N: Besides people and their stories, I get inspired by art, my travels and the two dynamic cities I am lucky enough to live in between. In my free time, you are likely to find me in my kitchen cooking something for my friends and family (I love hosting soirees with themed cuisine- lately obsessed with Lebanese food),  travelling the world or designing in my sketchbook.
A: I draw my inspiration from my love for interiors, architecture, and nature. As for my interests and hobbies, I love playing tennis, organising adventurous trips with my friends and spending time with my family and dog/ taking long walks with my beloved dog/ drawing in my small home-studio. 
N: “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey
A: “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realise his dream.”
– Paulo Coelho

WE both feel so incredibly lucky and privileged that we plan celebrations of love and other adventures and are honoured that we get to witness and play a part in your lifetime dreams coming true!


Until next time! 
Artemis & Nicole